Low Taxes

 High taxes hurts citizens and throttle businesses.  I want to work to reduce, and eventually, eliminate the personal income tax in West Virginia.  Additionally, I want to do everything I can to see the taxes imposed on our State's businesses reduced to the lowest levels possible.  We need our State tax structure to be appealing to business investment, not a hindrance.

Pro Life


I am unapologetically pro life.  I believe life begins at conception.  I will do anything I can to foster a culture of life in our State.  Abortion is a national disgrace, and we must do everything we can to bring this barbaric practice to an end.

2nd Amendment

As an Endowment Member of the NRA, I understand the importance of protecting the rights given to Americans by the Second Amendment.  I also know there are many out there that would love nothing more than to take away the individuals right to keep and bear arms.   As a gun owner, as well as a certified firearms instructor, I will fight diligently to protect our Second Amendment rights.  


I am a Conservative, plain and simple.  I believe Conservative ideals work.  Everything from having a secure border to School Choice and everything in between.  Conservatism works.  We don't have to guess about this.  We all saw what 80+ years of Democratic leadership did to our State.  Thankfully, we are now moving in the right direction, but it will take time and effort.  With that being said, I want to express my support for the three bedrock conservative principles of the Sanctity of Life, support of the 2nd Amendment and low taxes.  

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